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Before starting VIVITROL.naltrexone for ms treatment must be opioid-free for a minimum of 7-14 days to avoid sudden opioid withdrawal.

Naltrexone will block the effects of any narcotic medicines you take (such as prescription medicine for pain.cough.or diarrhea). Harmful side effects could also occur.

Whether or not Naltrexone for ms treatment hydrochloride is excreted in human milk is unknown. Because many drugs are excreted in human milk.caution should be exercised when Naltrexone is administered to a nursing woman.

Continue to take naltrexone even if you feel well. Don’t stop taking this medication without first talking with your physician.

In the clinical studies.treatment with REVIA supported abstinence.prevented relapse and decreased alcohol consumption. In the uncontrolled study.the patterns of abstinence and relapse were similar to those observed in the controlled studies. REVIA was not uniformly helpful to all patients.and the expected effect of the drug is a modest improvement in the outcome of conventional treatment.

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