Output 1

Labour market analysis and requirements engineering


O1/T1 Status quo review & labour market analysis
a�? 1 Report specifying target groups, good understanding of the market, tailor-made services & lifelong learning perspective
a�? 20 expert interviews with employers

O1/T2 Requirements definition & conclusions
a�? 1 Report on requirements for CVTube platform from employersa�� perspective, best practice examples & educational added value

Output 2

Online Tutorials and smart shows for video creation (OER)


O2/T1 Definition of quality standards
a�? 1 Catalogue with standards for technical realisation, design, usability, etc.

O2/T2 Action Research Seminars with students
a�? 2 Seminars with VET students in CZ and SP
a�? 2 Seminars with university students in DE and PT
a�? 4 requirements summaries

O2/T3-T5 Design and Creation of Tutorials and Example Videos
a�? 1 script and 1 design-concept for tutorials & example videos
a�? 30 example videos
a�? min. 5 tutorials filmed
a�? 1 written handbook with all information from tutorials

O2/T6 Internal Assessment and Finalisation of Online Tutorials
a�? 1 Assessment report from each partner (7 total)
a�? Improved tutorials in EN, DE, CZ, SP, PT

Output 3

CVTube Online Platform for Video CVs


O3/T1 Software & platform development
a�? Platform prototype

O3/T2-T3 Online Platform Pilot Testing, Adjustments & Finalisation
a�? 2 pilot tests (min. 40 VET / 20 university participants)
a�? 2 Feedback reports from each test
a�? Finalised Platform

Output 4

Instruction and training manual + additional materials for successful contact with employers


O4/T1 Elaboration of an instruction design and training manual

  • 1 manual for teachers, consultants, employment services and other authorities

O4/T2 Pilot Tests of the instruction and training manual

  • 4 pilot trainings, 1 in every country of the consortium
  • A list of 20 examples and best practices for convincing employers with personality
  • 20 examples, suggestions and best practices for soft skills and how to show them on a profile video
  • 20 creative exercises helping young people lose their fear in front of a camera
  • 20 creative exercises helping young people lose their fear in front of a camera

O4/T3 Finalisation of Instruction Design and Training Manual

  • Technical instructions how to use CVTube platform and cut the videos
  • Competent guidance for practitioners